Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My diary-A journey into my heart

Nowadays am hearing so much about "pursuing what your heart says" around me.And now am thinking about me.From my childhood i have dreamt of myself wearing a cotton kurti and jean with carelessly casually tied hair standing in front of camera with a mic and reporting to someone in the remote studio about the most interesting happening in the world with people at the other end sitting with all their senses glued to my report.
But i have never taken this dream very seriously and it had taken almost 21 years for me to realise that that is what my heart really liked to pursue.I know that desire is inherent within me but but i have never even thought of pursuing a career in it.I am an Indian brought up and i don't know whether it is that led me to the misconception that pursuing your heartfelt desire may not give you a prosperous life.I tried to find out the reason and finally i jump on to the conclusion that most people in India have predefined benchmark regarding what they want to become without even considering the inputs from their very own heart just like me.They believe only that can offer them a prosperous comfortable life.But now i can see that most of the winners of today's world have done what their hearts asked them to do.
To make life in that way,you need lot of confidence on you and your have to believe strongly that you can really become what you want to also need to be up for realities.At the end you should have freedom of thoughts and freedom of heart.
Basically the mind should not be dictated to think in one particular way.Its just like "opening the window and let the fresh air to come in"

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