Monday, December 15, 2008

It is a bliss

'What a match was that'.. this must be the buzz among the spectators who watched the final day's play of the first test match between India and England of the RBS cup series.The thought that came to my mind first when I watched the last shot of SachinTendulkar that fetched him the century and victory to the team as well was "It is a bliss".Really,it is a bliss for any cricket lover to watch that shot.Indians chased an impossible target of 387 in the last innings.Very surprisingly the hosts were able to accomplish the feat.It was a cool,composed show from Indian batting line up which has got every element to entertain the 30,000 spectators at the MA.Chidambaram stadium.Sehwag's innings on the previous day evening was a blitzkrieg and in that course he made a very strong statement that nothing under the sun is impossible.The next day rest of Indian batsmen continued the journey to the glory.Surely this win,so called historic win would occupy prime pages of cricket books but more importantly this is the one best reason which our cricket players,the demi gods have offered the people of India to smile about after the horrible terror strikes and this cricket event has also made very strong statements about India's resilience and spirit.


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The 6 Nations Championship (referred to as RBS 6 Nations for sponsorship reasons), known before 2000 as the Five Nations Championship, is an annual international rugby union competition involving six European sides: England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. The winner of the 6 Nations is sometimes seen as being the European Champions.[1]

The 6 Nations Championship, with its predecessors the Five Nations and the Home Nations Championship, is the premier international rugby union tournament in the Northern Hemisphere.

Wales are the current champions, having won the competition in 2008 by beating all other teams, thus winning the Grand Slam and Triple Crown.

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The defining characteristic of what is commonly known as “Blitz” is a highly mobile form of mechanized warfare.

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Zeus became the father of many heroes as a result of his dalliances, and after death they were accorded honors, especially among those Greeks who claimed to be their descendants and, through them, to have claims on the protection and patronage of a god. The veneration of heroes was part of chthonic rites in the religion of Greece. Such "demigods" were usually mortal, but were pre-eminent among humans, and some had unusual powers. An exception was Heracles, who was accepted in the passage of time among the Twelve Olympians